vSphere 6 Webcast Serisi

Vmware_vSphere6”Let Us Wow You with vSphere 6” sloganıyla başlatılan webcast serisi için katılım linkeri aşağıda. vSphere 6’nın yeni özelliklerini tüm detaylarıyla öğrenebileceğiniz bu webcast serisinin dili İngilizce.

please always check the latest schedule each week as topics may change and sessions may be added or removed. Original LINK

Date Webcast Topic vSphere Expert Registration
June 2 vCenter ServerWhat’s new in vCenter Server including differences between Windows install and the virtual appliance. Mohan Potheri Register
June 16 vSphere SecuritySecurity at the top of mind?  Learn about security in vSphere 6 including considerations for Platform Services Controller. Mike Foley Register
June 30 Business Continuity
Business continuity equals business productivity.  Learn how vSphere 6 minimizes downtime for applications and maximizes productivity for businesses.  Availability and data protection aspects of vSphere 6 will be covered.
Matt Meyer Register
July 7 PowerCLIIncrease data center efficiency through automation.  Learn what’s new with PowerCLI including some tips and tricks that may surprise you. Brian Graf Register
July 14 vSphere Web ClientThe Web Client is one of the most improved areas of vSphere 6.  Streamlined design, improved responsiveness, and better overall usability are just a sampling of what makes the Web Client cool.  Learn what else the vSphere 6 Web Client has to offer. Dennis Lu Register
July 21 vSphere 6 PerformanceLearn about all the new performance improvements that vSphere 6 has to offer.  With the time you save, you may have time for an additional coffee break. Mark Achtemichuk Register
July 28 Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy-Based ManagementvSphere 6 has transformed storage for virtual machines.  Learn how Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy-Based Management redefines how you should think about storage. Rawlinson Rivera Register
August 11 vCenter Server AvailabilityFor some vCenter Server has become mission critical.  Learn how to provide high availability for vCenter Server.  Also covered with be Platform Services Controller. Johnny Ferguson Register


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